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The purpose of the study in the Civil Engineering Department is to prepare the student to understand the followings :
   The basics of statics and dynamics that enable him to analyze different kinds of structures resulting in the proper and economic design whether these structures were steel, reinforced concrete or composite structures. Such structures could be multistory buildings, towers, bridges … etc.
   The basic theories of hydraulics that enable him to design various water and marine structures as well as different modern irrigation systems and their design techniques.
   The conventional and advanced methods of surveying including topography, photogrammetric, geodesy and remote sensing.
   Highway and transportation engineering design including the planning and design of highways and railways.
   Sanitary and environmental engineering design including the design of cities water and sewage networks.
   Construction methods for different structures and the way to overcome the difficulties which may arise during implementation.
   Quality controls during the various stages of facilities implementation which include: construction contracts, business management, time schedules…etc

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