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In 1957, the study in the Mechanical Engineering Department was started to cover a large area of several engineering fields. Mechanical Engineering is a wide and diverse engineering field. It involves the application of engineering science knowledge for the design and manufacturing of devices and systems that use or transfer mechanical and thermal energies to perform a function or a service requested by the society. In order to achieve that, a high performance and quality assurance while maintaining a clean environment are required.

The required period of study in the department is four years after the preparatory year in order to obtain a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering. The acceptance in the department comes through the faculty coordination office.

Mechanical engineering department alumni have the chance to find a job in a wide field covering mechanical design, CAD/CAM systems, manufacturing and production, quality control, measurements and automatic control, power plants and energy systems, maintenance of mechanical systems, agricultural machines and processing, design and installation of Heating-Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems (HVAC), public services such as installation and maintenance of water and sewage pipelines and pumping stations.

Students begin the practice of design in their freshman year and integrate it throughout their programs, which culminate in a team-oriented capstone design project in the senior year.

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