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With the rapid progress in all areas of science and technology and the urgent need for the society to benefit from them, it became necessary to make an interaction between the university with its academic capacity and the community with its requirements of scientific productivity. This interaction can help the University to contribute to the development and evolution of the society through the use of modern technologies in practical applications based on scientific basis to suit the circumstances and needs of the community in order to achieve maximum benefits.

Proceeding from the above, it was an urge from the Faculty of Engineering to initiate the formation of an engineering studies and consultancies center. In July 1994, the Engineering Studies and Consultation Center (ESCC) was established after its approval by the faculty council and then by the university council. The minister of higher education and scientific research had approved the center to be one of the engineering consultation centers at the faculty of Engineering by a decree No. 12 in 1994.

The Administration Council of the Center.
The Most Important Activities and Services provided by the Center.
Specialized Laboratories serving the Center :

In Civil Engineering area

- Laboratory space and remote sensing.
- Plant resistance and test materials.
- Concrete plant.
- Plant Soil Mechanics and foundation.
- Chemical plant construction materials.
- Laboratory facilities, water and Hydraulics.
- Laboratory methods and tests.
- Plant health and municipal engineering.

In Mechanical Engineering area

- Laboratory temperature and internal combustion engines and steam.
- Fluid Mechanics Lab and test the pumps.
- Refrigeration and air conditioning plant.
- Mechatronics and Automatic Control lab.
- Laboratory measurement of pollution.

In Electrical Engineering area

- Accurate laboratory measurements.
- Laboratory of Communications and electronics.
- Plant engineering and test HV insulators.
- Electric power plants.

In Mining and metallurgical Engineering area

- Separation and processing of plant raw materials.
- Coefficient of metals.
- Plant area mines.
- Rock physics laboratory.
- Geology Laboratory.

In Architectural Engineering area

- Plant climate and environmental control.
- Acoustics Lab.

Most Important Achievements by the Center.
Photos of some of the Sites the Center administered.
The Center Location.

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