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Open the admission of diplomas for the academic year 2018/2019 in the attached departments and disciplines


The Faculty of Engineering-Assiut University announces the opening of the university General diplomas 2018/2019 with the following sections in the disciplines shown:

·  Diploma of Civil Engineering Department specialization:

-Diploma in Irrigation, hydraulics and water resources

-Diploma in Structural Engineering-Diploma in Public Works Engineering ·       

Department of Mechanical Engineering diploma specialization:

-Diploma of Strong authorities ·       Diploma of Electrical Engineering Department Specialization:
-Diploma in Engineering of power and machinery-Diploma in Electronics and communications engineering-Diploma of Control Engineering and calculators

·       Diploma of Mining and Metallurgy Engineering Department:

-Diploma in Metallurgy Engineering and engineering materials

-Diploma of Engineering area-Diploma in Environmental Engineering

-Diploma in processing of ores

·       Diploma of Department of Architectural Engineering Specialization:
-Diploma in Urban Planning Engineering

Edited on: 8/7/2018 PM

Director of Administration
Safa Shaaban Youssef

Vice Dean

For postgraduate studies and research
Prof. Dr./Mohamed Abdel Azim Nile

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