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Development project of the Faculty of Engineering is considered a product of a major effort by the members of the teaching faculty and the follow-up and supervision of project financing for the development of universities (UDFP) of the Education Development Fund in the Council of Ministers, which aims to support a selected group of colleges, including the Faculty of Engineering, University of Assiut, technical and material support in a culture of quality of all aspects of the educational process. The UDFP to provide the necessary financial support to achieve the strategic objectives of the College and to make them able to compete locally, regionally and internationally.

Mission Of The Project

The mission of the project to support the continued development of the college and access to a privileged position locally and regionally in order to achieve the vision of the project and the vision and objectives of the College in general.

Vission Of The Project

The vision of the project is confirm in leadership of the Faculty of Engineering Assiut University in the field of engineering education in Egypt and the Arab world as one of colleges that offer a distinct engineering education.

Objectives Of The Project

The project aims mainly to improve the image and prestige of the College Image and Rank through a series of sub-goals are:

Get rid of the weaknesses in the programs, tools and educational resources and research activities and service.
Improvement of the academic programs of the College.
Improve the process of teaching and education faculty.
Improving the education and tools.
Develop and increase research activities.
An increase in the activities directed to the community.
In addition to the consolidation of the concept and culture of continuous development of all the parties to the process.

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