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The State since the beginning of this decade was extremely interested in the development of higher education the National Conference of Education has been held to develop a strategy development. There are many development projects in the Egyptian universities, including revision of curricula, develop and raise the capabilities of faculty members and employees.

In order to be coordination and management of quality in higher education of the National Committee for Quality Assurance and accreditation has been formed and is the nucleus of the National Authority for quality assurance and accreditation, which have the status of independence.

The National Committee also prepared frameworks and models for the internal system of quality in colleges and the College of Engineering Assiut University began in the application of the system from the academic year 2004/2005 meters.

Also a center for quality assurance and accreditation has been established in all of Egyptian universities, Assiut University, was a former Egyptian universities to adopt the concept of quality as established in 1997 and evaluate the performance of the university unit the Faculty of Engineering Assiut University, was also proactive in terms of self-evaluation of the where it completed the first self-study in 2001, followed by another study in 2003.

The policy of quality aimed in the first place , my dear student, to the continued development of programs of study and maximize learning the output target for this program.

The university student, we mean here the student, Faculty of Engineering Assiut University, you are representing an important milestone in the development of education must always be a positive role as an active that initiator of all this is in your favor In order to be successful engineers have the scientific basis for any engineering study are also moral standing and qualities required to lead engineer working with honesty and sincerity as our Lord loves and which pleases Him.

Your first role is to be active in receiving and in the collection for your cooperation in the development and posting comments in the questionnaire objectively and always your goal is in public interest.

The questionnaires will be distributed to you at the end of each semester for each subject will be analyzed and the introduction of the constructive suggestions given by the students of interest. This is one of the most important roles of quality assurance and accreditation altogether. It welcomes to the opinion given by an indirect manner through the questionnaires of any cooperation on the one hand, and students ready to contribute to the solution of their problems through direct contact with faculty members and advocates of the various school years and also through direct contact with members of the Quality Assurance Unit is to represent you the students.

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