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The student unions is constitute from college and institute students enrolled in the two systems to obtain a bachelor's degree and bachelor's that are payors of the fee.

Student unions aimed at achieving the following :

The development of spiritual values, moral and national consciousness among students and to familiarize them with the leadership, and to provide them with opportunities to express their views on the charge.
Transmission of the spirit of university between students, and closer links between them and the members of the faculty and staff.
Discover Students talents and abilities and skills, refine and promote them.
Disseminate and promote the formation of student unions, and support activity.
The dissemination and organization of sports, social and scouting, cultural and technical activities and upgrading and the promotion of excellent students.
The organization to take advantage of the potential of students in community service to the nation on the promise.

Union council of college students, or the Institute to achieve the goals of student unions during the Committees of the following :
Committee of families

The activity of families aims to :
- Closer links between students.
- Closer links between students and teachers.
- Development of the ability to cooperate and work in groups.
- Develop the capacity to take responsibility.

Committee for the sports activity

Sports activity aims to :
- Spread sports spirit among students and encourage sports talent and work on their development.
- To develop students physically, mentally and spiritually and physically and develop the capacity to self-reliance.
- Development of team spirit and sense of responsibility and discretion and self-satisfaction.
- Helping students acquire the skills and individual sports and the practice of healthy living.
- The composition of social relations and the formation of sound leadership qualities and contribute to social research.

Committee for cultural activity

Cultural activities aim to:
- The development of literary and poetic talent among students.
- To develop the ability to write right through the wall magazines and other types of magazines.
- Foster a spirit of cooperation among students and increase their capacity for collective action.

Committee for artistic activity

Artistic activity aims to : - Discover to the artistic talents of students and their development.
- Development of the capacity of students to highlight the problems of the environment and the community to take revenge or pollution or unhealthy habits or addictions or poor production and to offer solutions through the exhibition, drama and other techniques.
- Spent Leisure time properly, fruitful and useful in the hills during the concerts, plays .. Etc..
- Feeling students a sense of national events, and opportunities to express.

Committee for the Rangers and the public service

The aim of this activity is to :
- Self-reliance.
- Development of the formation and development of leadership qualities and a desire to jump for the leadership among the students.
- Organizing Committee for the activity of the detection and guidance on sound foundations in accordance with the principles.
- Linking the student and with his society and environment and a sense of problems and the desire to resolve the by participating in implementation of the programs of the service environment.
- Development of a sense of the need to provide public services to the nation by contributing to projects in the national public service.

Commission on social activities and trips

The aim of social activities and trips to :
- The development of social controls and spirit among students.
- Foster a spirit of brotherhood and cooperation.
- Cultural development of students during a visit historical monuments and tourist home.
- Provide an opportunity for recreation.

Each of the committees each year, led by former pilot of the faculty members for appointment as a decision of the dean of the college students and the membership is elected from among the students and represent the Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Commission.

Who are required to apply for the nomination of the membership of the committees that the union council committee have the following conditions :

Must have the nationality of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
To be lasting yet good moral character and good reputation.
Be a regular student in a new division of the non-return of the remains for any reason.
Be the clearing fees.
To be active in the field of work of the committee that nominated themselves.
It has not been previously convicted of a freedom-restricting, or decide to stop or membership of a student union or its committees.

Required for the validity of the election committees in the unions and college students attend institutions at least 50% of students who have the right to vote (payors for school expenses). If not completed the number of elections to be postponed to another date in over three days at most, and in this case for the validity of the election are required to attend at least 20% of the electorate, if not completed by this time, the number excludes the representation of students of all teams that have not completed the number of constituents. If it is not possible composition of the Council of the student union or the Institute's students as to why the former dean of the college appointed a council of the Institute or the Department of union Affairs of the elements of the students who excelled in the study and the activities of student union who are eligible for nomination and be the pioneer of this Council and secretary of all other human members of the Coordination Board of the university's student activities.

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