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1. Special Units :

The Engineering Studies and Consultation Center

With the rapid progress in all areas of science and technology and the urgent need for the society to benefit from them, it became necessary to make an interaction between the university with its academic capacity and the community with its requirements of scientific productivity. This interaction can help the University to contribute to the development and evolution of the society through the use of modern technologies in practical applications based on scientific basis to suit the circumstances and needs of the community in order to achieve maximum benefits ......

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Faculty Of Engineering Workshop

Faculty of Engineering Assiut University was established in 1956 with an aim to make quality and industrial transformation in Upper Egypt. workshops in Faculty of Engineering were one of the main cornerstones to achieving this goal. workshops in Faculty of Engineering includes a large group of different departments, which contain a wide range of machines of different productivity. since its establishment workshops in Faculty of Engineering have an active role in the development of the university and the surrounding environment. Where it train and educate all students of faculty of Engineering and other faculties in order to provide the community and the technological expertise required

Electronic Services Unit

Electronic services unit was established in October 2012 to activate the information technology services to the beneficiaries of the college students, staff and employees. It considered as a bridge between the six provided ICTP projects at the university level and between the college

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Education Development Center

Center aims to develop engineering education to contribute to the mission of the College through :
1 - the process of modernization of education and learning for undergraduate students and graduate students, using multimedia and the development of the science developed at the site of the College Information Network to activate the e-learning (E-learning) as well as the increasing of student reliance on self-learning and the search for sources of information. ......


2. Specialized Units and Centers :

Graduates Unit

The main objective of the unit is to facilitate communication between graduates and college until they get to extract the certificates in an easy way and increase college alumni association to inform them of their activities, such as seminars, conferences and specialist engineering courses and giving them the opportunity services to contribute to the advancement of college education and research to keep pace with the changing needs of the labor market.

Quality Assurance Unit

The State since the beginning of this decade was extremely interested in the development of higher education the National Conference of Education has been held to develop a strategy development. There are many development projects in the Egyptian universities, including revision of curricula, develop and raise the capabilities of faculty members and employees. In order to be coordination and management of quality in higher education .......

Faculty of Engineering Information Center(In Arabic)

Faculty of Engineering Information Center

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Unit Of Community Services and Environmental Development

Making a good use of Scientific abilities and advisory experiences for staff members as well as laboratory facilities in solving the environmental problems such as Infra-structure( highways , potable wafer , sanitary drainage , electricity , communications....etc ) architectural and industrial development , training courses ,  research projects from which the society will follow up and develop


Intellectual Property Protection

The Egyptian Center for Intellectual Property defined it as rights granted by it to individuals or community organizations are key to creative work, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images and designs. It gives the creator the right to prevent others from using unauthorized use of creativity for a limited period of time.
According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, Intellectual property is divided into two categories: industrial property, which includes inventions (patents), trademarks and industrial designs and geographical data on the source and copyright ....... .....


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