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Historical Brief about workshops of the Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering Assiut University was established in 1956 with an aim to make quality and industrial transformation in Upper Egypt. workshops in Faculty of Engineering were one of the main cornerstones to achieving this goal. workshops in Faculty of Engineering includes a large group of different departments, which contain a wide range of machines of different productivity . since its establishment workshops in Faculty of Engineering have an active role in the development of the university and the surrounding environment. Where it train and educate all students of faculty of Engineering and other faculties in order to provide the community and the technological expertise required.

Workshops of Faculty of Engineering, manufacture and process most of Assiut University and its subsidiaries needs and provide them with furniture and laboratory equipment in addition to coverage of some of the requirements of the University of Minya and the University of South Valley University, Sohag. It also manufactures equipment and machinery required for the master's and doctoral research, which is made in the practical faculties in the university.

In 1982 a workshop in Faculty of Engineering Assiut University was considered as a unit of a special that follow department of Mechanical Engineering in order to service the surrounding environment in terms of maintenance, repairs and spare parts manufacturing complex machines located within factories inside and outside the Governorate of Assiut. Also workshop contribute in solving to the problem of unemployment through graduate and training skilled professional through training the work of projects such as boys training projects.

The objectives of the Faculty of Engineering workshops

1 - providing Assiut University with its needs concerning workshop.
2 - do productive engineering works for other
3 - present technical advice to others.
4 - present training courses to raise the productive efficiency.
5 - Contribute to the performance of the mission of the faculty of engineering in the education and training of students. 
6 - to assist the University in the implementation of necessary equipment to conduct scientific research.
7- Maintenance of equipment and complex non-typical rare spare parts of the University and the surrounding environment.

Administration of Faculty of Engineering workshops

Workshops are administrate by run Board of Directors headed by Mr. Prof. Dr. / Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and general supervisor of the workshop of Faculty of Engineering Mr. Prof. Dr. / Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering. Board of Directors also includes two professors specializing in the production engineering and a professor of mechanical engineering disciplines other.

For Contact

Mr. Prof. Dr. / Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering - Faculty Of Engineering - Assiut University.
Tel. : 088/2335572 - 088/2411160
Fax : 088/2335572

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