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1 - Graduation qualified and trained on the exercise of legal acts And legitimacy, which is closely linked disciplines of law departments (General And private) and Islamic law, economics and public finance.
2 - dissemination of knowledge and deepen the scientific research in those disciplines.
3 - Participating in community service and development environment through raising awareness of the legitimate And legal and legal advice and training in the areas of specialization mentioned

College works hard to be a tributary of science and knowledge in Egypt in the field of legal science and legitimacy, and building for generations and generations behind the armed Science and legal knowledge and legitimacy are able to work in all bodies Judicial and legal institutions and the legitim
Objectives of the College 1. Prepare qualified graduates to practice legal work. 2. Dissemination of legal knowledge and scientific research in the various fields of law. 3. Contribute to community service and environmental development by spreading legal awareness. 4 - Providing legal advice and training in various legal, legal and economic fields.