Department Research plan

1-Development, study in depth of different aspects of pharmaceutical organic chemistry and illustration of its synthetic, mechanistic, and industrial applications.

2- Design and synthesis of different classes of compounds such as:

· Triazoles, benzimidazoles, piperazinedione and thiadiazine derivatives and others
· A special focus on xanthine and pyridazinone derivatives
3- Structural elucidation of the target compounds utilizing:

a- IR,1H-NMR, MS in addition to elemental analysis
b- Optical Rotation
4- Biological screening :

a- Antimicrobial: antibacterial, antifungal and antituberculosis in addition to anthlemintic activity.
b- Anti inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic activities and ulcerogenicity determination.
c- Cardiotonic and hypotensive activities .
d- Hypoglycemic activity.
e- Anticonvulsant activity.
5- Other titles in consideration:

a- Synthesis of new dendimers of potential biological activity.
b- Applications of photochemical reactions for synthesis of certain organic compounds of potential biological activity.
c- Synthesis of some antineurodegenerative compounds.
d- Synthesis of certain nucleosides of potential biological activity.
e- Synthesis of certain adenine derivatives of possible antiviral activity.

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