Focus on :

- In its quest for accreditation; and with the logistic and financial help and support of the QAAP for higher education in Egypt, the faculty has performed a self study in the academic year 2005/2006 and presented its first annual report for the same academic year.

- These documents were subject to evaluation by the quality assurance and accreditation committee for higher education in Egypt, a part of this evaluation was a peer review site visit in November. 2006 followed by a report about areas of strengths and the points that need to be addressed.

- Corrective measures were taken accordingly and the faculty issued its second annual report 2006/07, followed by a second peer review visit and report in October 2007.

- The faculty is currently finalizing its third annual report for the academic year 2007/2008 in preparation for the third QAAP peer reviewer site visit.

The hereby POA is based on meticulous analysis of the peer reviewers' site-visit reports and the self study performed in 2005, identifying our points of strength & weaknesses for the former to be fortified and the later to be rectified in order to prepare the faculty for accreditation.

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