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Computers and Information Faculty Handbook

AUN faculty of Computers and Information

The Faculty handbook provides policies governing the faculty and the students. It is a guide to the faculty and is designed to present general information about Assiut University, and some important University policies and practices as they apply to the faculty of the university. It is also meant to inform the students with the courses, system of the study, and admission policies.

Information for Students

Here you can find all the needed details regarding your Bachelor degree and postgraduate studies.

Student guide 2018_2019.pdf

Applications for deferred exams, exemptions, and absence

Excuses for Not Taking the Exams

     The student affairs administration is responsible for transferring the exams deferral requests to the medical administration that present them to the committee of illness excuses in order to assess and notify their faculties of their acceptance or decline of the presented request.

  • If the student has a long-term illness that defies him/her from taking the exam, a request encompassing a documented evidence of the claimed illness should be made at the students affairs office while keeping in mind that the request will be including all the exams of the ongoing period. Therefore, if the student performed in any later exam during that particular period, the exemption request will be automatically canceled and the student will be considered absent on the previous exams.
  • In cases of sudden illness or unfortunate accidents on the exam day, the student must be transferred to a specialized hospital to receive the convenient medical care and after stabilization, the student must be transferred to the University hospital to be assessed by the medical committee and given the final decision about his/her request. In times of severe injuries, the student cannot be transferred to the University’s custody. The council defers until an exceptional commission/session is arranged where documented evidence of the student’s check-in and out of the hospital is presented.
  • In case of sudden illness during the exam, first, the student undergoes medical examination supervised by the committee Doctor. Then, a detailed report is written about his/her case to be certified by the head of the exam committee. Finally, the student is transferred to the emergency room of the university hospital and the medical report is presented to the Illness excuses committee.

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Extra data for exam

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