Statement of basic services within the hospital of neurological, psychological and neurosurgery

- Number of outpatient clinics - (4)

- Number of Internal Sections - (17)

- Number of beneficiaries receiving from 24

Construction decisions:-

The University Construction Committee decided at the 42nd session held on 21-2-1998 in the presence of:

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Raafat Mahmoud University President

- Approval of establishing the building of neurological and psychological diseases and neurosurgery.

And the decision of the University Council Session No. 464, held on 22-2-1998, approving the establishment of the hospital building of neurological, psychiatric and neurosurgery.

- And the decision of the Council of Assiut University in its meeting No. 632, held on 26-5-2013 approving the allocation of the hospital building Neuropsychiatry and Neurosurgery hospital.

To establish and operate a Neuropsychiatry and Neurosurgery hospital.