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For the First time in Egyptian Universities ... Assiut University Witnesses Holding of Training Centers and Activities to Discover the Talented among Students with Special Needs

Dr. Ahmed El-Minshawy, Acting President of Assiut University, praises the Student with Special Needs Care Center, its various activities, and the various educational and social services provided thereby to serve the university students. This comes out of the university administration’s keenness to provide all means of support and care for its students with special needs and work on integrating them with the rest of their peers, whether in their academic or social life, as well as their involvement and participation in various student activities, which comes as confirmation of the initiative launched by the university during the previous years and for declaring it a friendly university for students with special needs, noting that the Student with Special Needs Care Center is considered one of the leading and unique experiences adopted by the university, which aims at serving its students with special needs.
This comes in response to the report submitted to him by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Mawla, Acting Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, about his visit to the Student with Special Needs Care Center in order to inspect a number of training activities at the Student with Special Needs Care Center, in addition to holding a number of meetings with a group of the center’s students, where he has listened to the most important problems and obstacles they have faced, in order to work on solving them as soon as possible. During his visits, he has communicated with the administration of the Faculty of Specific Education to solve the problem of enrolling some students with hearing disabilities in the second semester of the last year, who have faced a problem in delayed enrollment last year.
Dr. Mohamed Hussein Moussa, director of the center, clarifies that the center holds a number of training activities in various fields of student activities that extend throughout the academic year and also during the summer holiday, in order to discover, develop and weight talented students in various fields, which is the first at the level of Egyptian universities to serve students with special needs, pointing out that the Vice President of the University inspects during the visit the experience of establishing the first artistic center at the level of Egyptian universities, concerned with discovering talented students in the fields of solo and group singing, playing music, and religious chanting. He also refers to the center’s activity in forming a sports center that is aimed at practicing Sports activities of tennis table, goalball, social activities, chess, and learning the basics of scouts.