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Assiut University Witnesses the Launch of a Workshop on Digital Transformation in Libraries

Dr. Ahmed El-Minshawy, Acting President of Assiut University, emphasized the university administration’s keenness to organize a number of workshops in the field of digital transformation for workers in various sectors of the university to build a knowledgeable society, achieve a competitive advantage for the university, and causing a qualitative shift in the goals that the university seeks to achieve in light of the launch of the new republic towards the world of digital transformation, Egypt’s establishment of its digital capabilities and developing the work environment in ministries and government authorities, so that all its services are available to citizens on Egypt’s digital platform to consider modern technologies the gateway to economic prosperity for the country.
This comes in response to opening a workshop on “Digital Transformation in Libraries”, which is organized by the Central Administration of Human Resources and the General Administration for Talent Development and Management at the university under sponsorship of Professor Shawkat Saber, Secretary General of the University and Professor Mustafa Hassan, Assistant Secretary, and in the presence of Professor Khaled Aref, Director General of Libraries, and Professor Khaled Imran, Director of the General Administration of Talent Management and Development, with participation of 60 trainees from the university library workers.
During the opening, Professor Shawkat Saber has emphasized the importance of digital transformation in providing high-quality services to citizens in record time, saving expenses, achieving the principle of transparency and combating corruption by reducing dependence on humans, stressing that the workshop comes within the framework of the university's plan for digital transformation and Egypt's strategy 2030.
Professor Mostafa Hassan states that the workshop extends for 5 days from 25th to 29th September, and includes a number of lectures, namely the industrial revolution and its impact on digital transformation in information institutions, basics of digital transformation in libraries, impact of digital transformation on the development of information services in University libraries, efforts and requirements of digital transformation in systems and software, technical competencies necessary for workers in university libraries in light of digital transformation, and the concept of digital transformation.
In a related context, Professor Khaled Omran explains that the workshop is being lectured by a group of faculty members, namely Dr. Ahmed Farag Ahmed, Head of the Libraries and Information Department, Dr. Abdel Hamid Mahmoud Nada, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Thabet, Dr. Amr Saeed Fahim, Faculty of Arts, and Dr. Ali Hussein Ahmed, Faculty of Computers and Information.