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     A leading scientific journal with a strong impact factor and classified among the most famous international standards for publishing research in nursing sciences.


      The journal seeks to publish research in nursing sciences according to international professional standards in supporting intellectual creativity to enhance professional nursing practice by providing evidence-based articles in a timely manner with a commitment to integrity and accuracy.

Objectives :

1. Participate in building a knowledge society by publishing peer-reviewed nursing research from specialists.

2. Meeting the needs of researchers at the local, regional and international levels in the field of nursing research.

3. Finding a specialized electronic scientific research publishing container to serve researchers in the nursing field.

4. Finding a scientific reference for researchers in the field of nursing research

5. Providing an opportunity for researchers and scholars to publish research in various fields of nursing.

6. Publishing original and innovative research to serve society and preserve values.

7. Attracting and developing distinguished arbitration board members and consultants.

8. Achieve the quality required for scientific research in all nursing fields.

9. Enhancing the capabilities of researchers and referees by enabling researchers and referees to acquire intellectual and professional skills during their research and scientific life.

10. Building bridges of communication inside and outside the journal with Egyptian and Arab universities.