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Faculty Of Nursing Overview

Faculty Of Nursing Overview

Our Diplomas:

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  • Department of critical care
  • Department of Pediatrics Read More
  • Department of medical-surgical
  • Department of public health Read More
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Read More
  • Department of Psychiatric Read More
  • Department of Geriatric Read More

General conditions for admission and registration:

  1. The student must have a bachelor's degree in nursing from a university in the Arab Republic of Egypt or an equivalent degree from a faculty or scientific institute recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities with a general (good) grade and at least a specialty (good) grade.  It is permissible to register for a diploma up to an acceptable grade in bachelor's or specialty subject
  2. Have spent a year practicing nursing in a public hospital or treatment center.
  3. Meet the requirements of the scientific department and obtain the approval of the competent section council and the College Board.
  4. Meet the requirements of the university (English). If the computer course is not studied at the bachelor's level, the student will submit a certificate stating that he or she has passed the ICDL from a recognized center.
  5. The competent scientific departments hold tests and interviews for students applying for postgraduate programs by forming specialized committees to ensure the appropriate scientific level for students.
  6. Obtain the approval of the student's staff to register.
  7. The student meets the documents and forms required by the graduate department of the college.
  8. The student chooses the appropriate courses and fills out the form of registration of courses and adopts it from the academic guide and the head of the department who enrolled him two weeks before the start of the study in the first and second semester and a week before the start of the study in the summer.
  9. Registration is a prerequisite for allowing the student to attend and calculate the hours of his courses.
  10. The student is not enrolled in any course until the tuition fees have been paid during the university's graduate appointments. The exception to this requirement is the assistant teachers and scholarship students.
  11. Students who do not complete registration procedures before the end of the second week of the first and second semesters or the first week of summer are not entitled to attend lectures.
  12. The College Board may add other conditions it deems necessary for admission, such as taking a tribal (oral or editorial) examination of new students or requesting to study remedial courses.
  13. The number of students admitted is determined according to the possibilities available in the department and college, and the addition of these conditions is at the suggestion of the competent department board and the approval of the College Board.


The diploma is registered in September and study begins in October every year.
The diploma exams are held twice a year during the months of October and April.  

If the graduate student failed an exam, He will take the next round.

The faculty council decides the academic content of the various diplomas.

postgrads overviewStudying duration:

The period of study is minimum one year and the student may not remain enrolled for more than three years.


It is part of the college's mission that seeks to serve and develop Egyptian society and the Arab world through international students studying at different postgraduate stages, by analyzing problems and finding the right solutions and improving the level of performance that is in line with modern development.

Postgraduate management objectives:

The Postgraduate management aims to reach a high level of performance where the student can register and deal in most stages of his studies through the college's website from the beginning of the application for registration to register the study headquarters and the electronic signature of the academic advisor and the supervisory committee and follow up all administrative procedures followed by the committees of the chief councils of the college and the university's accreditations.


Implementing the graduate list and using the means of communicating with students and the university over the Internet and making decisions in a timely manner in addition to working to update the mechanization of transactions in post-graduate management.


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