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Student Activities
welcome to assiut uiniversity

Welcome to AUN

Our dear students,

Welcome to your new family. We ensure you that you are about to embark on an extraordinary learning journey. Here, you are going to find the perfect atmosphere for learning, exploring, and research. Your college experience will be what you make it, and your opportunities will only be limited by the limits you place on yourself. As you start a new academic year, take advantage of the many services available to help you achieve your full potential. We are here to support you at every step of the way. Have a great year.

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Prof/Ahmed Mohamed Kamal El-Minshawy

AUN team wants to welcome you to its leading institution!

AUN is a vibrant community of multicultural staff and students from across the world. Each of you has something special to contribute to this university, and I want to make sure that you all feel at home on our campuses. Assiut University is more than just a place to get an education—it's where students come to be transformed. AUN is an inclusive university that addresses the challenges of the future with a cutting-edge teaching, research, and facilities. As a university we are committed to work tirelessly and to help students undergo an intellectual, social, and personal transformation far beyond the traditional college experience. We offer you a great opportunity to make real change, so make the best out of your years here. While your academic success is important, you must always remember to take care of your physical health and mental well-being. If at any point you feel overwhelmed or stressed, please speak to someone. You are not alone – there are many people here to support you. Have a great time and years full of achievements and learning!


Prof/Ahmed Mohamed Kamal El-Minshawy

Acting University President



Accommodations photo

Students’ Accommodation

AUN housing is committed to provide comfortable accommodation for eligible relocated faculty members, administrators, all staff members, and Visitors. We provide our people with an atmosphere that assists in their personal growth and ensures a pleasant stay in Assiut in support of the University’s mission. For all the details regarding the students Housing, visit this link (hayakhdo lel student housing tahtt student life).

Available Accommodations