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As University of Assiut beliefs in the pioneering role in serving the society with its scientific and technological capabilities. In the light of this, the center has been established in 1994 with the decision No.12 after the approval of the supreme council of universities. The center has its technical, Financial and administrative nature. The unit is supervised by the ministry of finance and has an account within the unified treasury account NO. (5/8875/450/9).


Center of Engineering and consultancy center aspire to be a house of comprehensive expertise in various fields of Engineering that works on utilizing academic staff’s scientific and practical experiences in serving all projects, institutions and companies locally, regionally and nationally.


We aim to enhance society and environmental projects by providing distinguish consulting services with the highest quality in all engineering fields according to the Egyptian and international standards.

Center’s objectives:

  1. The center provides distinguished advisory service in various fields of engineering in accordance with the Egyptian standard specifications.
  2. Helping the Academic Staff to provide their scientific and practical experiences in the educational process so they can benefit society and gain positive experience.
  3. Contribute to supervising project implementation, writing technical specifications, preparing assessments, and deciding on bids and offers.
  4. Utilizing the capabilities of the various Faculty’s laboratories in making the necessary tests and checks on the materials used in all engineering works and studies that serve various projects.