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IT Unit


In October 2012, IT Unit was established as the unit aims to serve all the beneficiaries of the unit with all technological information. The Unit links an increasing the effectiveness of six projects submitted by ICTP and the faculty.


The unit works on Utilizing to support and develop educational technological information, research, community and administrative activities and to provide excellent electronic services to members of the Faculty of Engineering by achieving the following goals:

  1. Raise and modernize the infrastructure at the Faculty of Engineering.
  2. Enhancing the Communication between all faculty members and students the university's official websites.
  3. Converting some of normal study programs at the faculty of Engineering into electronic programs.
  4. Legalizing usage of operating systems and software.
  5. Protect devices with anti-viruses.
  6. Digitalizing paper transactions by educating and raising the efficiency of the employees within the faculty on the use of information technology.

Contact Us

Assiut University - Faculty of Engineering - Electronic Services Unit - Room 13 Dr.