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Prospective Students

Why study Engineering

Why Study Engineering

Our dear students, Studying engineering is one of the smartest decisions, since Engineering is one of the most popular and potentially profitable majors. Many of the skills that engineers use open doors to professional advancement, personal growth, and other opportunities.

  1.  Engineers learn how to analyze and solve problems, work in a team, communicate with others, meet deadlines and manage others.

  2. Engineers are involved in all facets of technology, including electronics, medicine, transportation, energy, new materials.

  3. Engineering is one of the top paid professions, and the starting salaries for engineers are among the highest for any college degree.

  4. Engineers Are Employable as they are of high demand in Egypt, which means that Engineers have an excellent chance of getting a job in engineering right after graduating.

  5. Engineering Is a Stepping Stone toward Becoming a CEO.

  6. Engineers Make a Difference by turning vision into reality and by address real-world problems. They can usually come up with new inventions.

  7. Engineers help move the world toward a brighter future by solving problems with pollution, finding ways to harness new energy sources, producing new medicines, and building new structures.

  8. Engineering has a long and glorious history. They designed and built the Aztec and Egyptian pyramids, and the Great Wall of China.

Advice for prospective students

  • Identify the people who inspire you, and find out what makes them tick.
  • Develop a portfolio of all the projects you will make in the 5 years.
  • Attend lectures on your campus and introduce yourself to the doctors.
  • Work in teams as much as you can, since throughout your career, you will need those skills to lead teams.