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Development and application of clinical pharmacy courses for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy - Assiut University (C-066-10) - (ClinPharm)

Development and application of clinical pharmacy courses for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy - Assiut University (C-066-10) - (ClinPharm)

Project Title:

Development and application of clinical pharmacy courses for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy - Assiut University

Duration of the project:
Twenty-four months from February 2005 to February 28, 2007

Project manager:
Prof. Tahani Hassan Al-Faham - Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics
Faculty members participating in the project:

The management team consists of :-
1- Prof. Dr. El-Sayed Ali Ibrahim
2- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ali Attia
3- Prof. Dr. Alaa El-Din Ahmed Al-Qussy
4- Prof. Dr. Fergani Abdel Hamid Mohamed

Executive team:
It includes a large number of faculty members and their assistants at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing, pharmacists at university hospitals and the South Egypt Cancer Institute.
Summary of the project and its main outputs:

Project goals:-

1- The project aims to create courses for teaching clinical pharmacy to final year students - Faculty of Pharmacy - Assiut University.
2- Students are practically trained during the study period in hospitals, in addition to theoretical studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Where the student is trained to use the information he studied theoretically on patients.
3- Upgrading the professional level of the graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy - Assiut University after obtaining a better training and study and increasing the applied medical background.
4- Reducing the risks of treatment by avoiding undesirable interactions with medicines and medical errors, and improving the pharmaceutical service in hospitals, which leads to a reduction in deaths.
5- Serving doctors and nurses by providing them with the necessary information through the pharmacists themselves or through the Drug Information Center.
6- Improving health care for patients, which leads to an improvement in the quality of life for them.
7- A tangible economic return from rationalizing the use of medicines in hospitals, which is due once again to improve the service in the hospital and increase its capacity to accommodate patients.

Project outputs:-

The courses were prepared and applied to the fourth year students 2005/2006. The training took place at Assiut University Hospitals in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine and the South Egypt Cancer Institute.
The internal regulation of the Faculty of Pharmacy - Assiut University has been changed to include the clinical pharmacy course for the fourth year, and changes have been made in the lower academic years to cope with this change.
A new study program has been established that grants a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences “clinical pharmacy” at the Faculty of Pharmacy - Assiut University, in addition to the currently in place program and started to work from this year
Establishment of a drug information center
The center started its activities by receiving medical enquiries received from the medical field workers and preparing the scientific response with the help of the center’s library and database. These questions are recorded, classified and answered in files and also recorded on a registration program to be called when needed or to make any necessary statistics in the future.
Issuing a periodical bulletin (issued every two months) that contains medical drug information and is distributed to all pharmacists and doctors in government and private hospitals, pharmacies and all those interested in Assiut and abroad free of charge.
Spreading awareness of clinical pharmacy among the doctors and pharmacists of the Ministry of Health and Population hospitals through Introductory awareness seminars from the project team for (Al-Iman General Hospital, Mental and Neurological Health Hospital, Ophthalmology Hospital, and Al-Sadr Hospital).
Training courses were held: faculty members from the faculties of (medicine - pharmacy - nursing) participated in them:
For teaching assistants - for graduate pharmacists - for fourth year students after completing exams.
Establishment of a clinical pharmacy laboratory in the new Children’s Hospital as a result of cooperation between the project and the Faculty of Medicine to contribute to the preparation of solutions given by injection to children and to train students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.