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Public Service Center

Public Service Center

The number and date of the decision created for it:

  • The decision of the University Council at its session No. 616 (held on 28/12/2011) approving the establishment of the Public Service Center as a unit of a special nature with its technical, financial and administrative independence.
  • The center's financial regulations were reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Finance's Regulations Committee at its session held on 25/6/2012.
  • The decree of the University Council at its session No. 623 (held on 29/7/2012) approving of the Financial regulation of the center of public services in the Faculty of pharmacy.

The center's objectives:

  • Providing training services to the Faculty and their assistants to raise the level of performance of the educational and administrative process in the Faculty in order to achieve the goal of pharmacy education and continuous development.
  • Holding conferences to serve the educational process and research. Also, to accept corporate donations for activities associated with conferences such as exhibitions and activities that the Board of Directors considers to serve students and the educational process after taking the necessary approvals.
  • Maintaining the overall health of the Faculty members, their assistants and staff by exercising in the faculty's gym.
  • Accurate analysis on the MRI for service students and for scientific research purposes.
  • To carry out any other work that serves the field of education and raises the level of services and administrative area of the Faculty, in accordance with the activities developed and programs approved by the Board of Directors within the framework of the university plan and its objectives to serve the educational process, serve the community and develop the environment in the fields of the center after the approval of the Ministry of Finance.

The formation of the Board of Directors of the Center:

Prof. Dr. Zidan Zeid Ibrahim - Dean of the Faculty (President)

Prof. Dr. Hassan Farghaly Azkal - Undersecretary of the Faculty for Graduate Studies and Research (Member)

Prof. Dr. Mahrous Osman Ahmed - Undersecretary of the Faculty for Community Service and Environmental Development (member)

Prof. Dr. Tarek Abu Fadl Mohammed - Undersecretary of The Faculty for Education and Students Affairs (member)

Prof. Dr. Atef Abdul Moneim Abdul Hafiz, Chairman of the Medical Chemistry Department (Member and Director of the Center)

Mr. Zain El Abidine Shehata Mohamed - Secretary General of the College (member)