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Science and Technology of the Sugar Industry- Agriculture Section
  1. Conduct research that develops knowledge and provides solutions to the problems in the field ofsugar crop science and related disciplines, thus contributing to the development of the sugar and integrative industries.
  2. Implementation of the scientific program in the field of sugar crops science and related disciplinesto graduate undergraduates and postgraduates at a distinguished level in the sugar and integrative industries.
  3. Provide a distinguished postgraduate scientific program in the field of sugar crop science to enrich and supply human resources required for the Egyptian, Arab and African sugar and integrative industries.
  4. Collaboration with international and local research organization to exchange scientific knowledge forimproving the productivity of sugar crops.
  5. Provide expertise and technical support to those interested in cultivation and production of sugar crops from farmers and sugar companies in Egypt, the Arab world and Africa.
  6. Training agricultural engineers as well as Arab and African students in applied fields of sugar crops science.
  7. Participation in scientific publishing as well as international and local scientific conferences.