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Library Faculty

Library is the lifeline for anybody on this earth. It is the place which contains what God command us to do a reading when he said Read. The library was established in 1994/1995 containing varieties of information to meet the needs of students in all sections of the Faculty, as well as academic researchers and visitors to the library. Also, conducted all technical operations of these vessels, publicize and present it to all in the best picture. This is one of the goals of the Sugar Technology Research to serve this unique specialty. Also to be civilized leap overlooking Assiut University community and the future to complete the noble mission in the dissemination of science and knowledge throughout this big world. It has recently been provided the library with digital library and a future program for libraries control. The library covers an area about 300 square meters.


The library includes selections of the recent Arabic and foreign references, books and journals, both in its paper form or electronic as well as all Masters and PhD theses, which were awarded by the Faculty and theses donated to the library of the Faculty in the disciplines for the study at the Faculty.

First: library books and references until 2012.


Second: Graduation projects for learners Faculty until 2012.


Third: Theses (Master's and Doctorate degrees) until 2012.
The library has 62 scientific Theses as follows:


Fourth: scientific journals until 2012.


Library Halls


  • The library contains air-conditioned halls and precautions against fire are as follows:
  • Reading hall, can accommodate fifty people and equipped with modern furniture.
  • Hall of scientific projects.
  • Hall of graduation projects for students (containing projects since the inception of the Faculty).
  • Office of the library staff.
  • Hall of Information Center of the World Bank.
  • Digital Library Includes 4 computers connected to a network of information.


Technical processing of information


  • The technical processing of library vessels is completing through:
  • Indexes used in form done in an automated fashion.
  • Library classification scheme is accidentally grenade (Dewey decimal classification scheme).
  • The name of the used program is the future of the library management which supported by the Supreme Council of Universities.


Audio and visual media in the library


  • 6 computers + 2 printers.
  • Copy print.
  • Microfilm device (reader and printer).
  • Microfiche device (reader and printer).
  • 3 Dictionaries spokesman.
  • VCR.
  • TV.


Library Services

The library offers a range of services as follows:

  1. Search databases
  2. This service aims to publicize the information published in the area of interest of beneficiaries through electronic databases joint Assiut university, which allows full texts through the following website: Http:// This requires the beneficiary to obtain a user name and password of the management of the library.
  3. Respond to queries from visitors The library staff response to queries from visitors using library collections and the definition, regulations of the library systems and the electronic system to get the information from required vessels.
  4. Internal reading
  5. The Faculty library provides a large hall for visitors to internal reading.
  6. Books borrow out of the library
  7. The library offers books borrow out of the library for visitors who have no time for internal reading such as faculty staff, teaching assistants, graduate students and undergraduate students.
  8. Search using the information network (Internet)
  9. Library service provides search using information network for free to all visitors for the recent research and global scientific studies to benefit them in their research and development of the educational process.
  10. Current Awareness
  11. The library on its own initiative regularly informs beneficiaries about the newly listed holdings and within the scope of their interest on the website of the Faculty (the Faculty's library).
  12. Photography
  13. This service is concerned to help the beneficiaries of the Faculty's library to photocopy articles from their free sources and according to specific rules.
  14. World Bank Information Center
  15. The library provides a big place for the World Bank Information Center as a great deal and service of paper-based information.


World Bank Information Center

The center provides an opportunity for visitors to get information about the development in all its forms. The center presents all available information from the World Bank publications, research papers and reports and information operations and in accordance with the disclosure policy pursued by the World Bank as there online on the link of ( Moreover, there is Arabic translation of this page. Also, the center offers on an ongoing basis some versions of the main center, such as: Development Outreach & World Bank Research Digest
Moreover, the center helps researchers and offers a search service mail free of charge to visitors and responds to queries by e-mail, telephone. The center has a computer connected to the internet, printer and copier.

The World Bank Information Center offers several seminars and workshops annually under the auspices of the Regional Director of the bank in Egypt with the provision of experts and trainers to serve civil society in the provinces of central and southern Egypt, such as:
-Workshop on "World Bank's agenda for development in Egypt" in the period of 13-15/3/2006 in the administrative building of Assiut University.
-Workshop on "Agricultural development in Egypt" in the period of 11-11/12/2007 in participant of Faculty of Agriculture and the Center of South Valley Research which held in the International Conference, Assiut University.
-Workshop on "The role of the Bank Information Center International in community service" in the period of 27/11/2008 in Main hall, Sugar Technology Research Faculty.
-Workshop on "Management skills of Business Expansion" in the period of 15-16/4/2009 in Main hall, Sugar Technology Research Faculty.
-Workshop on "Benefit non-governmental associations of the World Bank grants" in the period of 11-13/3/2009 in Main hall, Sugar Technology Research Faculty.
-Workshop on "Business management skills for graduates" in the period of 14-15/4/2010 in Main hall, Sugar Technology Research Faculty.
-Workshop on "Your work skills and small projects" in the period of 10-11/11/2011 in Main hall, Sugar Technology Research Faculty.
-Workshop on "Community development and strategic work cadres civil associations" in the period of 16-19/11/2012 in Main hall, Sugar Technology Research Faculty.