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Pharmacy Quality Control Unit

Quality Control A new Approach In SCEI

Our Aim of work??

It can be simplified in the following headlines:-

1-   Study of the current work system.

2-   Analyze the data retrieved from this study.

3-   Build a solution based on research system.

4-   Start putting a Standard Operating Procedure for the current module.

5-   Establishment of Continuous evaluation protocol.

6-   Establishment of auditing system.  


How will we operate ??

To ensure the maximum efficacy of the Quality control department it will need to be divided into Two main sub departments which are :-

a-   Internal Affairs.

b-    External Affairs.


A-    The Internal Affairs:-

It will be concerned with all the internally managed steps that are currently commissioned to the pharmacies and tasks that re done inside the pharmacy walls.  

·       Analyze the tasks.

·       Put the suitable S.O.P.

·       Establish the suitable statistics for self evaluation of the system.

·       Establish the internal audit system.


B-   The External Affairs:-

This department will be concerned of all the steps that the medicament pass through while it is out of the pharmacy walls


·       The transportation between pharmacy and wards

·       The storage of the drug.

·       The transportation between the different pharmacies.

Our aim from introducing the QC approach in the pharmacy department of South Egypt Cancer Institute is build upon our believe that


Quality is our Aim


Research and Development are our tool to Gain