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Ph. D. In curricula and methods of teaching (using computer in learning science) , faculty of education Assiut University , 1994
M. Sc. In () , , 1987
Other In () , , 1984
B. Sc. In () , , 1982

Emeritus Professor Faculty of Education, ِِAssiut University , 2019

Professor Faculty of Education, Assiut University , 2008

Associate Professor Faculty of Education, Assiut University , 2003

Lecturer Faculty of Specific Education, , 1995

1- Ashgan Ali Hassan Slman , A proposed Training Program for Science Teachers To Use Scamper Strategy and Effect on Developing Reflective Thinking Skills of Primary Stage Pupils. " قسم المناهج وطرق التدريس ـ كلية التربية ـ جامعة الوادي الجديد " ,2020-12-31
supervisor: Prof. Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Sayed Abunagy Dr.Shreen Shehata Abd Elfatah

2- Ahmed Adly Hussien Aly , Using Blended Learning in Developing some Excel program and Mathematical thinking skills of commercial secondary stage students ,2020-06-28
supervisor: Prof. Hamdy Mohamed Mohamed Elbitar (Supervisor), Dr. Marian Milad Mansour (Supervisor), Prof. Mahmoud Sayed Abunagi (internal discussion), Prof. Yousry Mostafa El-Sayed (External Discussion)

3- Abdulhafiz Omran Barakat Omran , Using project-based learning strategy supported by web 2.0 tools in teaching computer curriculum to develop electronic sites designing skills and some life skills of preparatory stage students. ,2020-07-05
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abunaji (Supervisor), assistant Prof. Marian Milad Mansour (Supervisor), Prof. Hamdy Muhamed Muhamed ElBitar (internal Discussor), Prof. Yousry Mustafa Al-Sayed (External Discussor)

4- Marie Saad Mohammad Ali , Use the realistic model in science education to develop health concepts and keep the impact of learning Among primary school students Community education schoolsز ,2020-06-25

5- Mohammad Abdelhakeem Ahmed Ali , A Program Based on Anchored Instruction through Educational Platforms for Develop E-Communication and Cyber-Safety Skills among Preparatory Stage students ,2020-05-31
supervisor: prof. Hamdy Mohamed Mohamed Elbitarو prof. Mahmoud Saied Abunagy

6- Samah Ahmed Heussein , ,2017-06-26

7- Mohamed Mahmoud Ali Morsi , Using Augmented Reality Technique in Developing Some Technological Skills for Teachers of Inclusion Pupils at Primary Stage. ,2020-03-24

8- Hussein Awad Hussein Mohammed , The Effectiveness of using Blended Learning Based on the theory of information processing to teaching psychology on development Some Habits of Mind and Lateral Thinking and Retention of learning among Secondary school Students ,2019-10-26

9- Mohamed Abdalhakeem Ahmed , "The effectiveness of cloud computing applications in developing hypermedia skills among middle school teachers" ,2016-04-17
supervisor: Prof. Hossam El-Din Mazen (Chairman and Discussed) Prof. Mahmoud Sayed AbuNagy (Supervisor) Prof. Dr. Hamdy Mohamed Mohamed Elbitar (discussed)

10- Eslam Gamal EL-Din Ahmad , Using Flipped Classroom Strategy in Teaching Chemistry to develop some Habits of Mind and Postponed Achievement for Students in the Secondary Stage. ,2019-02-12
supervisor: Prof.Al-Sayed Shehata Muhammad Prof. Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Sayed Abu Nagy DR. tHYA hAMED Abdel -Aal

11- Tohamy Sayed Gharieb Sayed , The Effectiveness of a Training Program Based on Cloud Computing Applications in Development of Some Electronic Content Managerial Skills among Information Technology Specialists. ,2019-10-23

12- samah ahmed heussein , The Effectiveness of a Suggested Program in Nano Chemistry in Developing achievement and Some Reflective Thinking Skills of Student Teachers ,2017-06-25

13- Samah Ahmed Hussin Mohamed , The Effectiveness of a Suggested Program in Nano Chemistry in Developing Achievement and Some Reflective Thinking Skills of Student Teachers ,2017-05-31
supervisor: Prof.Dr/ Omar Saied Khalil Prof.Dr/Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud ABO Nagy Dr. Tahia Hamid Abdel Aal

14- Amira Mohmaed Ghanem Ahmed , The effectiveness of using cloud computing applications in developing some life skills among second year secondary school students ,2017-06-25

15- Mohammad Abdelhakeem Ahmed Ali , The Effectiveness of Cloud Computing Applications in Developing the Skills of Use Hypermedia Among Preparatory School Teachers ,2016-05-25
supervisor: Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Abu Nagy Dr. Mohommed Saad Taha

16- Mortada Saleh Ahmed Sharep , The Effectiveness of Suggested Program Based on Brain Learning Theory for Teaching Geology on Developing Complex Thinking, Attitude Toward Team Work and Learning Retention Effect of Al-Azhar Secondary Stage Students. ,2015-12-24
supervisor: Prof.Dr.Abd Elkarim M. Shazly Prof.Dr.Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Abu Nagy Dr.Sad K.Abd Elkarim

17- Hussien Awad Hussien Mohammed , Tf Effect of Teaching an Experimental Psychology Course Electronically Via Internet on Psychology Students Achievement , Motivation , and Attitude Towards E-LEARNING AT THE Faculty of Education ,2015-04-25
supervisor: Prof.Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Abu-Nagy Prof.Hassan Omran Hassen Dr.Osama Araby Ammar

18- Sayed Mohammed Sayed Tantawy , The Effectiveness of an Educational Website for A Computer Course on Secondary School Students Acquisition of Some Electronic Learning Time Management Skills ,2014-06-05
supervisor: Prof.Dr.\Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Abu Nagy Dr.\Marian Milad Mansour

19- Huda Abu Bakr Ahmad Basalm , The Effectiveness of a Proposed Program in Computer Decision to Give the Skills to use the Internet and Keep the Education Grade Students Second Secondary in Yemen ,2013-10-24
supervisor: Prof.Awad Hussein Al-todry Prof. Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Abu nagy

20- Samah Ahmed Hussein Mohamed , The Effectiveness of a Proposed Programmer in the Philosophy of Science in the Development of a Student Teachers Understanding of the Nature of Science and on their Acquisition of its Ethics ,2013-10-04
supervisor: Prof/ Omar Sayed Khalil Prof / Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Abu-Nagy Dr. / Tahia Hamid

21- Daif allah Abd allah Ali El-Montsar , The effect of using hypermedia in teaching science on achievement and inductive thinking among eighth year primary pupils in Yemen ,2008-04-19
supervisor: El-Said Shehata Mouhamed El-Mraghy, Mahmoud Said Mahmoud Abou Nagy

22- Afaf Maraay Morad Mouhamed , the effectiveness of a suggested training program in developing student teachers’ skills of computer uses in instruction and the attitude toward them ,2008-04-22
supervisor: Awad Houssain Mouhamed, Mahmoud Said Mahmoud Abou Nagy, Housnia Mouhamed Hassan El-Mligy

23- Amira Mohammed Ghanem Ahmed , The Effectiveness of a Suggested Program Based on Some Computer Applications in Developing Secondary School Teachers Some Skills of Designing and Using Multimedia ,2013-01-23
supervisor: Prof. Mahmoud S.M.Abunagy Dr. Hussneya M.H. El-Meleigi Dr . Marian Melad Mansour

24- Shimaa Mohamed Abd_elaziz , The Effectiveness of a Visual Learning Based Program in Science Teaching in Hearing Pupils Acquisition of Instructional Diagram , Picture Reading and some Visual - Spatial Thinking Skills ,2012-12-18
supervisor: Prof. Dr. Omer Said Khalil Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Abunagy Dr. Abdla Mohamed Al anwar

25- Samah Said Ahmad Mouhamed , ,2001-01-03
supervisor: Wadiaa Maksimous Dawood, Awad Houssain El-Todry, Mahmoud Said Abou Nagy

26- El – Sayeda Zeinab Ibrahiam El-Dosuki , The Effect of Using Some Teaching Strategies by Instructional Computer on the Retention and Attitude Towards Computer of some Students at Assiut Faculty of Education ,2005-07-14
supervisor: Dr. Awad Hussein El Todary Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Abunagy

27- Samah Sayed Ahmed , Evaluation the computer teaching in the general secondary stage ,2001-06-13
supervisor: Dr. Wadee Maximous Dowoud Dr. Awad Hussein El Todary Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Abunagy

28- Dhaif Allah Abdullah Ali Al Muntaser , The Effect of Using Hypermedia in Teaching Science on Achievement and Inductive Thinking Among Eighth Year Primary Pupils in Yamen ,2008-10-28
supervisor: Dr. El Sayed Shehata El Maraghy Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Abunagy

29- Mortada Salah Ahmed Sharp , This study aimed at investigation the effect of using problems based learning strategy on the achievement , learning and thinking styles and attitude toward science of preparatory school students. ,2008-06-03
supervisor: Dr. Abd Elkarim M.Shazly Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Abunagy Dr. Aly Sayed M.Abd Elgalil

30- Afaf Mareiy Mourad , The resent study aimed at designing and implementing a training program in computer uses in instruction for student teachers , and measuring its effectiveness in developing the cognitive and psychomotor aspects of computer uses in instruction for student ,2008-08-31
supervisor: dr.Awad H.M.Todery dr.mahmoud sayed mahmoud abunagy dr.hosneia m.h. el meligy