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Specialist Center for Communication with Special Needs

Specialist Center for Communication with Special Needs


The specialized communication Center for students with special Needs aims to achieve excellence in the field of special education and to create special structures for the treatment of individuals with special needs.


  • To graduate outstanding cadres who are able to interact with individuals with special needs and developmental disabilities through the classes, facilities, and programs of the current center.
  • Provide extension and rehabilitation care to medical professionals from faculty members in the fields of psychology and psychiatry.
  • To create a balance of expertise between the specialized center and all countries of the world by giving trainees’ certificates approved by the president of the university and reported by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • To educate and prepare the teachers to participate in the education programs for special schools.


Objectives of the specialized communication Center for students with special Needs

The center aims to:

  1. Provide a professional diploma for those who want to help people with special needs by providing them with special education.
  2. Provide courses on the use of advanced testing equipment for special needs for the preparation of people wishing to interact for individuals with special needs, such as students with technical degrees in special education and others.
  3. provide periodic evaluation of the trainees to determine the actual level of their communication skills with people with special needs and give them a certificate approved by the center.
  4. Obtain the authority to assess the teachers' qualifications to work in the field of special needs in accordance with the experts in the field of education within the system of the laws, decisions, and regulations issued in this regard.
  5. Provide scientific advices to those interested in communicating with people with special needs, either through direct contact with specialists in the center or through the center's website on the Internet.
  6. Connect the center with the faculty’s  graduates to help them get job opportunities in this field
  7. Holding counseling courses for parents and those who wish to communicate with (people with special needs)
  8. Host specialists in the field from inside or outside Egypt to develop the services provided by the center.

Director of the center

The Director of the Center have the authority to:

  • Supervising the workflow of the center technically, administratively, and financially.
  • Supervising the preparation of the annual budget project, the final account and the financial position of the center in preparation for presentation to the competent authorities.
  • Proposing prices for services and consultations that the center provides to others.
  • Proposing the exchange of remuneration and incentives for the Board of Directors and the center's workers
  • Preparing periodic reports to submit it to the center's activities.
  • Submitting the necessary proposals for the advancement of the center in its fields of activity.
  • Following up the implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors to achieve efficient performance.
  • Concluding contracts related to the center's dealings with others in preparation for submitting them to the Chairman of the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Proposing the assistance of national experts and the necessary temporary employment and issuing contracts for them after the approval of the Board of Directors.
  • Adopting exchange documents administratively.
  • Any other functions delegated by the Chairman of the Board of Directors
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Contact Us:

  • Internal number: 4737
  • External number: 0882423637
  • Terraces building, College of Education
  • Second floor
  • Specialist Centre for communication with special needs

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