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Measurment and Evaluation Unit

Measurement and Evaluation Unit


To achieve excellence in measurement and evaluation system locally and regionally.


To become a distinct unit of measurement and evaluation in faculty of Education- Assiut University to what is related to evaluation and examination systems locally and regionally. In the light of modern mechanization changes, the Unit works on applying online exams, building question banks and support the local community benefits from Faculty’s graduates.


  1. Follow-up and develop the college examination systems to implement electronic tests and circulate electronic correction.
    2.    Develop the efficiency and skills of the faculty members as well as improving their job performance.
    3.    Train the faculty members to use the latest technologies.
    4.    Increase the awareness of the importance of training and its role in achieving professional development for the faculty. In addition to training members in the field of measurement and evaluation.
    5.    Achieve the ease and speed of designing the tests used in evaluating students and preparing electronic tests that are equivalent, accurate, and objective.
    6.    Diversify standards for measuring students' abilities and skills.
    7.    Develop exams and preparing question banks and their impact with new vocabulary and in light of developing the curricula, which contributes to the evaluation of all learning outcomes sought from teaching the course content.
    8.    Achieve the speed, accuracy, and transparency of exam work to control the course of the educational process and achieve the educational outcomes targeted for the academic programs.
    9.    Provide specialized scientific, theoretical and applied consultations in the fields of measurement, evaluation and examination systems.
    10.    Develop the strength points of gifted and talented students.
    11.    Develop measurement and evaluation systems for people with disabilities of various groups in the various disciplines at the university.
    12.    Hold courses and training programs in psychological, statistical, and educational measurement.
    13.     Holding scientific, local, Arab, and international forums, seminars, and conferences as well as conducting studies and research in the field of measurement and evaluation.
    14.    Train the faculty members in electronic examination correction.
    15.    Provide the colleges' needs of specialists in the field of measurement and evaluation.

Introduction by the Board of Directors:

  1. Prof. Dr. Adel Rasmi Hammad Al-Nahdi  - Dean of the Faculty, Chairman of the Board of Directors
  2. Prof. Mohamed Mostafa Hamad - Assistant Professor, Department of Foundations of Education, Executive Director
  3. Prof. Marian Milad Mansour  - Professor of Instruction and Instructional Approaches as Deputy Controller
  4. Prof. Hamdi Mohamed Al-Bitar  - Professor, Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods
  5. Prof. Omnia Muhammad Ibrahim  - Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods
  6. Dr. Nahla Abdel-Razzak Abdel-Mageed  - Instructor, Psychology Department
  7. Dr. Iman Saleh Al-Din Hussein Al-Sharif  - Instructor, Psychology Department
  8. Dr. Saber Allam Othman - Instructor, Department of Curriculum
  9. Prof. Maysara Hamdi Shaker  - Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
  10. Prof. Adel Samir Mohamed  - Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
  11. Prof. Asmaa Mohamed Hussein  - Teaching Assistant, Department of Educational Foundations
  12. Prof. Othman Hassan Sharett  - Secretary-General of the College
  13. Prof. Ahmed Hamed Mostafa - Administrative
  14. Prof. Youssef Makram Basta - Administrative

Guides and leaflets

  1. Folio unit of measure
  2. Guide to preparing a table of specifications
  3. Electronic correction guide

Project visits

  1. Visiting the project measurement and evaluation committee
  2. A visit by the Measurement and Evaluation Committee of the project, December 2019
  3. A visit by the Measurement and Evaluation Committee of the project in March 2020

Contact us


Telephone: 0882423571

Internal phone: 4170

Address: Assiut University, Faculty of Education, Staff Members’ Building, fifth floor, room no. 528