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Why Faculty of Physical Education at AUN ?

WWe provide our students with the best educational services in physical education sciences for the postgraduate stage and stage. In addition, we provide them with the necessary skills to prepare them for the work environment through our educational programs in accordance with national requirements.

We work to solve environmental problems, serve the production and service sectors, and develop society.

Preparing generations of scholars in the field of scientific research and educational research.


Dean of The Faculty of Physical Education

As the establishment and development of communities all over the world spring out of their universities and colleges being the basic cornerstone of that tremendous building, so there must be a similar trend in our beloved country, Egypt where educational institutions including the faculty of Physical Education must take a leading part. In search for its deeply rooted history, the Faculty of Physical Education tends to achieve a development of physical awareness and further enhance levels of innovation in physical sciences. Being one of the renowned physical institutions, the major aim of the Faculty is to contribute to the preparation ofa physically educated generation who can master academic knowledge and pursue creative research to serve our beloved country, Egypt.

Faculty Administration