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Why Faculty of Specific Education at AUN ?

We offer our students the best educational services and prepare specialized cadres in music education, art education and home economics who are qualified to teach and equipped with the necessary skills for the field of specialization.

An artist counter capable of practicing, developing and innovating artworks in various college disciplines.

Developing the aesthetic values of the college students in a way that contributes to confronting the visual and audio pollution. Working on developing the college departments to become houses of expertise capable of serving the community and developing the environment.

Dean of The Faculty of Specific Education

My sons and daughters are students and students of the College of Quality education each year and you are fine for the new university year and I hope it is a happy year and you care about your study so that at the end of the year success will be your ally and add for science and art your creativity and get up with the artistic taste of our society and that you add to science and art with your creativity, and I pray to God to grant you success. I wish you all the best, and every year and you are fine, peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.

Prof. Wajed refaat Farid Naghla

Faculty Administration

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