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Fees and Funding

Services and Insurance fees

All the University students are to pay the fees mentioned in the executive register in return for the exploited services on campus. Each portion of the fulfilled fees is assigned to a particular given service.

Regular Student fees

  • Library fees for Bachelor degree students.
  • Students union fees.
  • Medical Services fees.
  • Fees for the local funding account for the youths’ care.
  • The previously mentioned fees are paid as a lump-sum prior to the beginning of the school year.
  • Associate tutors, TAs, and the rest of the teaching board are exempted.

Directed Affiliation Students Fees

Students of direct affiliation are offered equal amounts of services and care on campus and they are obligated to pay for the following given services:

  • Library
  • Directed Affiliation fees
  • Medical Services
  • Insurance against accidents
  • Students Financial Aid
  • The local funding account for the youth’s care
  • Educational fees for students of directed affiliation
  • Students’ fee exemptions are not granted.
  • Students of Directed Affiliation have total rights to benefit from the extra medical services offered on campus.

International Students Fees

University of Assiut has established a convenient payment system for International students to ensure the ease of the financial transactions required for admission.

The school year fees are fulfilled through the payment of two installments; one at the beginning of the semester and the other by the end of the winter break.

Statement Fees

Practical Faculties

Theoretical Faculties


Admission Fees

1500 £


Paid all at once upon admission

Annual Academic Fees




Post graduate Students Fees

Payment of the admission fees must be made at the beginning of each academic year. Moreover, Subjects registration for the credit hours system will not be considered legit unless, an immediate fulfilling of the recorded subject fees is made.

For Masters and Doctoral degree thesis discussions, the fees must be paid at least one week prior to the arranged date for discussion.

Comprehensive exam fees are to be paid regularly.


  • The University Council shall decline all refunding requests from Diplomas, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees students upon their admission approval.

Fees Structure

Student fees are broken down to multiple services, download this PDF for details: Fees structure

Payment and rebate deadline

Payment acceptance starts on the third Saturday of September which is the first day of the school year. The fees collection continues up to the announcement of the first semester’s exams.

For freshmen, the payment starts upon finalizing the medical examination, which starts on September 1st. After receiving the results of the medical examination, the student should head to the Students’ Affairs Office to hand in both his admission file and medical examination results.

Payment Method

New students receive a direct payment receipt from the Students Affairs Office then, head to prospective payment destinations such as: El-Ahly Bank or Egypt Bank.

Also, new students receive a credit card gifted to them from the student care office in their faculties in order to facilitate the upcoming payment processes.