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Health and Counselling

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General Administration of Students Health Affairs

        Youths are the future of our nation, the anticipated treasure, and the base of development. Our University embraces the youths within 18 – 25 age range where they are provided with the finest health care services including disease preventive services, vaccinations, and health awareness.

Proper nutrition is set to be one of our fundamental concerns so we fulfill this section through the wide provision of healthy meals and free contamination, especially in the dorms where we provide the essential support for the diseased ones.

This is precisely where the vitality of the General Administration of Students Health Affairs lies. It is affiliated to the University’s Vice President for students and Educational Affairs, who ensures the provision of the major preventive services and care for the University students.


The Students Hospital main goal is to keep its students healthy and safe from the moment of admission until graduation through executing the following measures:

  • Early disease detection/diagnosis through regular medical examinations and checks.
  • Provision of preventive procedure, vaccinations, and health awareness sessions.
  • Supplying the students with the prescribed medicines/remedies in case of sudden illness during the semester/school year. In addition to, granting monthly medical examinations for those of long-term illnesses.

Frame Work

  • Cooperation with the Administration of Preventive Medicine in the medical examination procedures for the new students. (The examination starts 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester and continues up to the first day of the school year)
  • Diagnosis and Identification of primal prescription for the patients upon their check in the hospital.
  • Deciding Tests, X-rays for the patient, analyzing the results and writing down the right prescription.
  • Carrying out virus “C” detection tests for the new students.
  • Ensuring the occurrence of medical supervision upon the military courses and examining the diseased cases.
  • Performing medical examinations for the students
  • Patients profiling (Side notes, check in& out dates, tests performed, types of remedies/ medicine prescribed)
  • Carrying out HIV tests for international students in collaboration with the pathology laboratories in the University.
  • Performing medical surgeries.
  • Performing dialysis at The Kidney Unit.
  • Participating of the Administration of preventive medicine in the vaccination campaign of the new students against meningitis.
  • Participating of the Administration of preventive medicine in examining the candidates applying for tutoring positions. (PE and fitness)
  • Sharing in the medical supervision procedures during the school year.