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Postgraduate studies


Postgraduate studies

The postgraduate studies and research sector at Assiut University is one of the main sectors of the university. It works to provide support to graduates who want to undertake postgraduate studies and research activities at the university. This sector works to facilitate procedures for graduate students and provide an excellent educational service. In addition to providing scholarships, grants, and scientific assignments to create a strong and innovative research environment.

Moreover, it holds scientific conferences and encourages scientific publishing and applied projects. The sector also contributes to providing high qualities libraries. Besides, the sector always tries to improve and establish centers and research units to encourage activities and to achieve the university's mission in the field of scientific research and programs, as well as in the field of community service.

The vision of the sector is to achieve high and advanced ranking among other universities. The mission of the sector is to fulfill appropriate scientific research for the regional and international changes that take place in all areas of education and scientific research.

The objective of the sector is to encourage, support, and develop innovations and activities related to scientific research as well as developing external contacts with industrial partnerships and monitor research growth.

The University admits outstanding graduate students who demonstrate the ability to do creative and original work. A graduate applicant must have an acceptable bachelor's degree. AUN offers a full range of postgraduate programs in all its faculties.


Postgraduate degrees

  • Diploma
  • Masters
  • Ph.D.

For all the details regarding postgraduate studies download these PDFs

Postgraduate Graduate Program Guide 
Rules and laws guide for postgraduates staff
Rules and regulation guide for missions, regulations, and conferences 
Database guide for postgraduates and cultural relations