Welcome STudents

Welcome to Assiut University

Assiut University is a vibrant community where you can always feel supported and encouraged.

No matter where you come from, you'll always feel home, here. This university is designed to help you learn about life and work. Assiut University has twenty faculties that allow students to choose freely among multiple varieties.

AUN is a community of talented students, teachers, and researchers. Besides, a wide range of professional, administrative support and service staff; all of whom are committed to help change this world for the better. Also, we encourage each other to work hard, not only to earn degrees or public recognition but also to be leaders in this changing world.

We are looking forward to being an inclusive university that addresses the challenges of the future with cutting-edge teaching, research, and facilities. As a university, we are committed to work tirelessly and to help students undergo an intellectual, social, and personal transformation far beyond the traditional college experience.

Our mission is to assemble the university’s energy to achieve its vision by providing distinguished education that is appropriate for the present and future. The university aims to generate distinguished generations of graduates who can compete in all national and international fields of work. Assiut University seeks to qualify students in the fields of scientific and technological research to develop society.

The university has a purpose to achieve its goals and values in order to be a credible university in society. For the university’s strategic objectives, download this attachment:


Strategy & objectives