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General Service unit

General Service Unit

The General Service Unit for commercial consulting and administrative development is a special unit that has administrative-technical independence. This unit has been constructed in 1995\1996. A new training and rehabilitation of faculty graduates has been added to the center to match the labor market and the free market. This last position is the result of a project the faculty has implemented from a fund taken from international bank, under the supervision of the ministry of higher education in March 2004 till May 2006.

Unit’s Goals:

  • Organizing studies and training courses in commercial fields (Economic, administrative, accountant, financial, taxes, and insurance)
  • Preparing scientific and professional seminars and conferences to serve the community and environment development locally and nationally.
  • To offer consults in different commercial fields for either general or private sectors and mutual or general business sectors.
  • Making links with similar centers inside and outside Egypt in order to exchange experiences and scientific cooperation.
  • conducting studies and researches about economics and financial problems either along the local or the national level as well as offering solutions in cooperation with different authorities and organizations.

Center's Services

  • To train and develop managers skills.
  • To prepare and rehabilitate new graduates to join work field and freelancing fields.
  • To offer financial and administrative consults.
  • To do economic feasibility studies for new projects.
  • To train students and develop their skills.

Center’s Administration

The center is managed by the board of directors, includeing the faculty’s dean (Center’s Head) and faculty’s deputy for community services affairs and environment development (vice-president), the center’s manager and four of the staff members from different scientific departments, two external experienced members, general custodian of the university or a represent for him\her.

Profiteers from the Center’s Services:

  • Assiut Oil Refining Company.
  • Assiut Cement Company.
  • Sugar Company at Abo-Qurqas.
  • Assiut Electrical Company.
  • Assiut Financial and industrial Company.
  • Assiut University.
  • Cooperative Association for Reconstruction and Development at Al-Kharga ( New valley Governorate)
  • Sama Company for training and Technology Information.
  • Consulting council for training at Middle Egypt region.
  • Arab institution for wireless connections
  • Arab institution for Tourism and Hotels.
  • Egyptian Sugar Industrial Integrand Company at Qous (Qena Governorate)
  • Chemical Industries Development Company (CID Pharm) Assiut branch.
  • Civil Associations at Assiut.
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