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Department of Pathology

Pathology supports physicians at SECI and elsewhere by performing testing services for diagnostic and therapeutic evaluations. The laboratory teams consists of highly experienced physicians, scientists, medical technologists, medical technicians, lab assistants, and other specialists all working collaboratively.

Pathology concerned with diagnostic consultation, education, and research. The educational mission of the department consists of formal courses providing continuing medical education (CME) credits for postgraduate medical personnel of pediatric oncology, medical oncology, pathologists and radiologists. A number of these courses have microscope slide study sets for individual examination by the participants as well as authoritative lectures. Pathology became, in a very short time, one of the preeminent and most respected departments in the country as a leader in immunological research. The Department of Pathology is dedicated to fostering imaginative and talented pathologists who will continue its legacy of contribution to human well-being in the fundamental efforts of elucidating and understanding disease mechanisms.