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  • Welcome to

    South Egypt Cancer Institute

    Assiut University

  • Welcome to

    South Egypt Cancer Institute

    Assiut University

Why South Egypt Cancer Institute at AUN ?

provide continuing medical education, training of researchers and physicians in the oncology field.

In 1991, the idea of ​​allocating the headquarters of the old university hospital arose to establish a center specialized in the treatment of oncology as a nucleus for the establishment of an institute in southern Egypt due to the need of this large area for this advanced service for the people of Upper Egypt from BeniSuef governorate in the north to Aswan in the south. In the same year, the Board of Directors of Assiut University Hospitals agreed to allocate the old university hospital building as the headquarters of the Oncology Institute..

the Institute works to raise awareness for cancer patients, early cancer detection and prevention in southern Egypt.

Dean of South Egypt Cancer Institute

According to the humanitarian and noble role in relieving the pain of all cancer patients of all ages, by providing and overcoming all obstacles to provide the best medical service at the South Egypt Cancer Institute, University Hospital, especially after the increase in visitors to the institute, which reaches 60 thousand patients annually among the 8 governorates in Upper Egypt. Among the hesitant and new, in addition to developing the laboratory and research sector to reach the largest cure rates, and harnessing the research trends of the presence of 10 academic departments, mainly towards improving the condition of patients, the research efforts are uniquely supported through a diverse and integrated infrastructure of clinical and scientific resources. Collectively, these resources are used to address the multifaceted challenges of cancer, and to improve clinical outcomes that reach more than 420 beds in the hope of achieving better outcomes and improving the medical service provided even further.

Dean of Cancer Institute

Dr. Eman Mosaad

Faculty  Administration

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