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Technology services Unit

Technology services Unit

Unit of electronic services is considered the connection link between the projects that are introduced from ICTP along universities and faculties. This units aims to:

  • To increase projects’ effectiveness.
  • To offer special services in information technology for the faculty.

Team members:

Unit’s manager: Dr.Ahmed Mohamed Abd El Moneam      


Network Engineer: Eng. Ahmed Maher Mahmoud


Portal editorial: Awatef Shehata Abd El-Aal


Responsible of administrative information systems support: Miss. Alaa Osama

Responsible of systems and programs: Miss. Alaa Osama



 Information systems is considered one of the main elements that supports faculties, as to implement its main roles which are:

Research, education and learning along this side, so the effective vision of information technology development project has to reflect its concept that information technology is not an isolated or owned thing from anyone, but it is group of tools that facilitate missions and goals achievements for universities.


Helping and rehabilitating the faculty to enable and spread information in a form of an electronic photo through universities information network, in a direct and fast way. To invent new educational patterns. To achieve complete mechanization for administration of the university and educational process. To rehabilitate university community to communicate with it through direct and continuous training.

Unit’s Goals

Unit of electronic services at the faculty to achieve the following goals:

  1. To increase and improve internal information network at the faculty.
  2. To increase effectiveness of infrastructure and to up-dated at the faculty.
  3. To communicate between staff members and students, through university’s official e-mail.
  4. To use main web-site of the faculty to communicate with all related parties.
  5. To work on the development of educational process, through supporting communication between students and staff members.
  6. To change some of educational programs at the faculty to be electronic.
  7. To limit the use of operation systems and programming.
  8. To secure devices against viruses.
  9. To use electronic transactions instead of paper transactions by raising awareness and efficiency of faculty’s workers, in order to use information technology.
  10. To aware and increase efficiency of staff members, students and employees on using information technology.

Unit’s achievements

First: Project of increasing the efficiency of network infrastructure

In the field of network infrastructure a wireless network connection, was connected for the following:

  • Free students’ lab, fourth floor, labs building.
  • Material components lab, fourth floor, labs building.
  • Conferences hall, first floor, labs building.
  • 3 unmanaged edge switches has been changed with 3 HP managed switched, imported through ICTP project.
  • The main connection (fiber optic) of the faculty, at center of information networks, has been changed due to damage of old line, due to the presence of construction works. It has been changed under the supervision of network information center at the university and unit’s engineers, through contracting with specialized companies.
  • Distribution switch of the faculty was changed with HP, with higher technical specification, imported through ICTP project.
  • A list of needs of the faculty has been done including: network connection points and computers. The faculty has been alerted to provide those needs.

 In field of maintenance and technical support:

  • A list has been done including computers and supplements, as it includes settings and technical specifications for each device in a form of a handbook.
  • A periodical maintenance plan was done for the devices, includes time and steps to be followed in periodical maintenance.
  • A periodical maintenance has been done for computers, also network connection in a continuous way.
  • Unit’s technical team provides technical support for staff members, their cooperators, employees and faculty’s students.

Second: Electronic gate project

  • To publish faculty’s news in Arabic language.
  • To publish faculty’s news in English language.
  • To publish seat numbers and committees for each semester for all students at the faculty.
  • To publish students’ results on the website periodically.
  • To publish courses schedules for each semester and edits on faculty’s website.
  • To publish list of services that are offered by the unit for students, employees, staff members and their cooperators on faculty’s page, advertisement panel of the faculty and on social media websites.
  • To activate faculty’s page on social media website (Facebook) in both languages (Arabic-English)
  • To activate faculty’s page on social media website (Twitter) in both languages (Arabic-English)
  • To launch a Youtube channel that plays educational videos and scientific experiments.
  • To activate the web-site of electronic services unit: it is a website that includes mission, vision, goals, news, members, services that are offered, achievements and how contact with the unit.
  • To launch a web-site for staff members, in order to publish through it their contact information, programs, educational programs and researches.
  •  To do book of abstracts related to staff members and their cooperators on the web-site.
  • To publish programs, educational programs and courses specifications for all years.
  • To publish programs, educational programs and courses specifications for Masters and doctoral phase.

Third: project of electronic content availability

  • An-email was done for each staff member and their cooperators along the faculty. Each one of them has received a username and password.
  • An-email was done for newcomers students.
  • Activating electronic e-mails at the center of information technology at the faculty.
  • An orientation symposium was done, includes all unit’s goals and services offered by the unit.
  • Three courses was activated at the faculty.
  • Pages on Google scholar were completed for staff members and their cooperators for those who have researches.
  • A pamphlet was done on Google application and being distributed among all staff members and their cooperators.

Fourth: Electronic books project

  • Accounts on electronic library were done for staff members and their cooperators. Each of them has received a username and password.
  • Accounts for all students were done.

Fifth: Training project

  • A contact was done with center of training on information technology at the university, in order to receive list of available courses and appropriate for faculty’s needs.
  • A list of training needs for staff members, their cooperators and employees in all fields was done. A list was done for those who took previous courses.
  • Training timetable was done, as not to be affected by faculty’s workflow due to the presence of symposiums.
  • A group of employees are being trained, their total is 23 employee along the main track in information technology.

Sixth: Administrative information systems

  • To up-date post-graduate students data for academic year 203\2014.
  • To up-load post-graduate students results.
  • To follow up publishing employees’ wages (general and private cadre) from merits system.
  • To up-load academic year results on MIS system.
  • Quality unit will start using Al-Faraby system.

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