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Multimedia Lab

About lab

Multimedia lab

The multimedia lab was established in 2010 at the Faculty of Computers and Information to serve all sectors in the fields of graphics and multimedia inside and outside the university. The lab contains the latest equipment and a working team with great experience in the fields of graphics. The lab consists of four units: the multimedia production unit, the imaging and display unit, the sound recording unit, and the multimedia research unit.

Multimedia research unit

This unit serves faculty members and other researchers to do research related to image processing, as well as analyze sound waves and study them accurately.

Multimedia production unit

This unit works on the production of animated graphics films, whether 3D or 2D. The unit also makes television advertisements and short films for conferences and others.

Audio recording unit

This unit records sounds and music using the purest devices and a distinct sound system. It includes a modern keyboard for recording music and electronic sounds.

Imaging and display unit

This unit records the movement of the body and face using the motion capture device and records 3D movies. It also contains a 3D cinema to display stereoscopic movies.