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Assiut University International Ranking Office

IRO (International Relations Office)

is considered as one of the main pillars of the work in Assuit University; it was created from the belief of Assuit University with the necessity of the spread of IRO’s offices for the development and rating of it among the world universities. (IRO) at Assuit university was established in 2018, the office aims at   
It also aims at the support for the development of knowledge and innovative research to enable the university entering the third generation universities

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Vision, mission and goals



Assuit University seeks to be at the top of the list of locally and internationally recognized universities to reach out to the top of the third generation universities and to offer a distinguished university level that suit the requirements of the age.


To promote international cooperation in higher education and scientific and cultural research between Assuit University and local, Arab and international universities in order to serve the University's objectives, the Office is a link between the university and the local and international community 


  1. To suggest and prepare memorandums of understanding with international universities.

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