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Student Housing

student housing

Student Housing

AUN housing is committed to providing comfortable accommodation for eligible relocated faculty members, administrators, all staff members, and visitors. We provide our people with an atmosphere that assists and empower their personal growth and ensures a pleasant stay in Assiut in support of the University’s mission.


On Campus Residence 

We offer housing and real estate services to the university’s students, graduate students, and employees. We provide our students with a “home away from home" for the community living in Assiut University Housing away from their families. We are committed to providing our residents with a sustainable, clean, and healthy community. We provide a suitable environment for every students to increase their abilities to adapt to new cultural and scientific developments and to help them reach their top performance and excellence; as well as motivating them to practice sports and cultural and artistic activities.

For all the details regarding the students housing, download these attachments

student’s housing objectives
student’s housing