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Why Molecular Biology Researches & Studies Institute AUN ?

The institute grants Diploma, Master and Ph.D. degrees in addition to preparing scientific cadres capable and trained to implement the programs and projects of the research plan of the institute, and other faculties and institutes, inside and outside the university. It also develops and links applied scientific research in the medical, veterinary, agricultural, industrial and environmental fields.

The work philosophy of the institute is based on providing and facilitating the necessary ways for scientific openness and exchange of experiences with institutes, scientific centers and bodies nationally and internationally.

The higher administration has been keen to attract distinguished elite of postgraduate students as a nucleus for the institute’s research activities to graduate competitive cadres that meet the needs of the evolving labor market.

Dean of Faculty of Agriculture

Dean of The Molecular Biology Researches & Studies Institute

The Egyptian Government has paid great attention to modern science, so the Government and Egyptian universities have been keen on establishing many research centers, departments and laboratories specialized in that scientific and research field. In addition, the tremendous scientific development and rapid technological advancement in various fields of science and knowledge is something everyone sees. In this context, Assiut University is considered one of the pioneering bastions of science and the forerunner always to provide the constant pursuit of scientific excellence through a distinguished elite of the university's staff members who are always keen to follow up on everything distinguish and new in various scientific fields, provide new and rare scientific specializations at the university, and maintain the academic excellence and scientific leadership.

From this standpoint and within the framework of Assiut University's higher administration keenness to be proactive in providing all the capabilities that assure its leadership in all fields, Assiut University administration took a decision to establish an institute for molecular biology research and studies, to be one of the new science beacons that illuminate the knowledge sky at Assiut University. The institute aims at work on strengthening research capabilities, developing analytical skills and scientific innovation capabilities, as well as identifying and working on solving societal problems, especially in Assiut Governorate and Upper Egypt. The institute also ensures that the labor market needs of specialists in the field of molecular biology are met, and pursue towards achieving the goals of Assiut University in providing new and modern science for graduating a new generation of scientists and innovators working to raise ....More

Prof. Dr. Amr Mohamed Abdel-Fattah Mohamed

Dean of The Molecular Biology Researches & Studies Institute 

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