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Responsibilities and Support

Responsibilities and Support 

Our objectives

  1.  Preparing and qualifying our students for the labor market by enhancing the following skills:
  • Building a professional communication network.
  • Group Work
  • Flexibility and adaptation in the field of work.
  • Ethics of professional work.
  • Problem solving skills.
  1. Searching for training opportunities for our students.
  2. Connecting the students with the pharmaceutical industries.
  3. Establishing an employment forum to introduce the graduates to the jobs available for their profession.
  4. Creating a program to communicate well with our graduates by filling this form.
    Alumni follow-up

Steps for obtaining temporary certificates (Arabic/English)

  1. The graduate student must submit a request to obtain a graduation certificate "Arabic-English" as desired, to the Graduate Affairs. Below you can find the form to fill
    temporary certificate request
    Authorization request for graduates
  2. Then the student must pay the required fees in the financial affairs.
  3. Must submit passport size recent, personal photos
  4. The certificate is prepared, signed, accredited, and seals to be delivered to the graduate on the same day.
  5. We aim to enhance our Alumni program, by asking for our graduates’ feedback on what needs improvement and their recommendations; please if you have graduated from the faculty of Pharmacy at AUN, fill this to help us improve the connection between us and our graduate students
    Graduates survey