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Youth Affairs Sector

Youth Affairs Sector


The Youth Welfare Department develops the students’ abilities to solve the problems they face in their academic life in a way that helps them overcome the difficulties that hinder their performance in study.

Moreover, it carries out the administrative tasks related to serving students in social, cultural, and sports activities and creates the appropriate atmosphere for students to practice activities, as well as developing their talents. Therefore, they will spend their spare time in purposeful educational activities and keep a healthy competition among them through the practice of activities


The administration aspires to be a forum in which students of activity meet to practice their activities and hobbies, a center for activities competitions, and a haven in which students find highly qualified specialists to study their problems and work to find appropriate solutions for them.

Sports activities

It aims at building the human body properly based on the rule: "A healthy mind is in a healthy body."

Activities offered:

  • Team games (football - volleyball - handball - basketball)
  • Individual games (table tennis - ground tennis - wrestling - swimming - athletics - boxing – weightlifting- Karate –Judo).

Social Activities

Social activities aim to develop relationships and social interaction among students, and faculty members. It reinforces friendliness among all members of the university family, through three main factors: Trips and camps - Social service – Students’ activities            

Areas of social activity

  • Trips and camps. (Fighting addiction program)
  • Social research at the faculty and university level.
  • Environmental pollution control project. (The Red Crescent team)
  • First aid project. (The ideal student competition).
  • Blood donation project.

The Rangers and Public Service

It is one of the activities that help the development of youth in all aspects, especially the mental, physical, and social aspects. In addition to helping students aqquire some technical skills, scouting, cultural, and environmental service.

Artistic Activities

This activity aims to develop students’ artistic sense, develop talents, and refine them. In addition to creating an atmosphere for launching students' artistic creations through:

  1. Music of all kinds.
  2. Solo and band singing.
  3. Folk and arts performances.
  4. Plastic Arts.
  5. Drama.

Family Activities:

Family activities aim at encouraging a large number of male and female students in various activities through families in the faculty and the programs implemented by the administration in order to refine and develop the skills of students and spread cooperation among them.

Cultural activity

Cultural activity aims to promote students' thinking and culture and develop young talents in the cultural, literary, and scientific fields. In addition to connecting youth with the issues of their society and homeland. Each supervisor invites his students to participate in the various activities of the Youth Welfare Department and register names on the required applications.