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Faculty of Commerce Short Courses

FACULTY OF COMMERCE Assiut University excellence in

AUN Faculty of Commerce Short Courses

  • Computer center courses are offered according to the specialty and the requirements of the labor market.
  • Basics of computer course ICDL and IC3.
  • Accounting course ECA.
  • Self-development course HREM.
  • The trainee has the right to obtain individual courses and obtain a certificate for each completed course, and if he completes a course of a specific track, he can acquire a combined certificate, such as ECA, ICDL, IC3 and HREM certifications.
  • Trainees who have not previously dealt professionally with the computer can participate in the individual ICDL and IC3 courses. 
  • The Computer Center also offers extra computer courses for second year students- Faculty of Commerce.
  • Students of the Faculty of Commerce, students of other faculties at AUN, and graduates are welcome to participate in the courses held in our center.
  • The Computer Center offers a three-level course in statistical analysis for MA and PhD students.
  • The laboratory offers the American accounting program (Peachtree).
  • The center offers Advanced Excel program