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Dean Of Faculty of Engineering

Dean of The Faculty of Engineering

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the Faculty of Engineering at AUN. I have spent around forty years in the halls, classrooms, and laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering at AUN and I believe it is impossible to mention all the achievements of the Faculty of Engineering; however, I will point out some of them briefly. The Faculty of Engineering consists of the following five scientific departments: Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mining and Metallurgical Engineering; all work towards achieving our mission which is graduating engineers who are qualified to work in the changing markets. In addition, we offer three programs which are: Mechatronics Program, Interior Design and Architecture Program, and Construction Engineering and Project Management Program. The Faculty of Engineering has an experience in community services and environmental development, and is the first engineering faculty to take the certificate of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE). We are ambitious and hard workers; this allows us to develop the faculty in all aspects through serious institutional work and we will challenge all the difficulties we face. Finally, I hope that the visitors will find useful information about the faculty and I wish all students, staff members, and administrative members the best of luck.

Prof. Ezzat Abd El-Moniem Morghany Ebrahem

Dean of the Faculty