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# العنوان القسم سنة البحث
1 Sequence stratigraphy and distribution of organic-rich Lower Cretaceous mixed clastic-carbonate strata in Matruh Basin, northwestern Egypt: Constrains on the Tethyan sea level changes, palaeoclimate, and tectonics قسم الجيولوجيا 29 April 2021
2 Geochemical, mineralogical and sedimentological analyses of reworked sediments (new) in the syn- to post-rift Middle Cretaceous-Quaternary detrital deposits from western Atlantic margin of Cameroon: evidence from sedimentation-erosion alternation in the c قسم الجيولوجيا 28 January 2021
3 Biomonitoring of heavy metals using Contracaecum quadripapillatum (Nematoda) in comparison to its fish host, Lates niloticus, from the Nile River, Egypt قسم علم الحيوان والحشرات 2023
4 Flavonoids-mediated TLR4 inhibition as a promising therapy for renal diseases قسم الكيمياء 2023
5 Analysis of Groundwater Storage Fluctuations Using GRACE and Remote Sensing Data inWadi As-Sirhan, Northern Saudi Arabia قسم الجيولوجيا 2023
6 Silurian-Holocene tectonostratigraphy of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates قسم الجيولوجيا 2023
7 Annealing temperature effect on structural, mechanical, and magnetic properties of Cd0.40M0.60ZnO2 (M = Mn, Ni) nanocomposites قسم الفيزياء 2023
8 On the dielectric and magnetic properties of Al doped Pr: 123 for advanced devices: A comparison with ZnO قسم الفيزياء 2023
9 Comparative study on structural, morphological, optical and photocatalytic properties of Mn3O4/ZnO, CuO/ZnO and Fe2O3/ZnO nanocomposites قسم الفيزياء 2023
10 Improving the Dielectric, Thermal, and Electrical Properties of Poly (Methyl Methacrylate)/Hydroxyapatite Blends by Incorporating Graphene Nanoplatelets قسم الفيزياء 2023