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# Title Department Research Year
1 Sequence stratigraphy and distribution of organic-rich Lower Cretaceous mixed clastic-carbonate strata in Matruh Basin, northwestern Egypt: Constrains on the Tethyan sea level changes, palaeoclimate, and tectonics Department of Geology 29 April 2021
2 Geochemical, mineralogical and sedimentological analyses of reworked sediments (new) in the syn- to post-rift Middle Cretaceous-Quaternary detrital deposits from western Atlantic margin of Cameroon: evidence from sedimentation-erosion alternation in the c Department of Geology 28 January 2021
3 Silver-Nanoparticle- and Silver-Nitrate-Induced Antioxidant Disbalance, Molecular Damage, and Histochemical Change on the Land Slug (Lehmannia nyctelia) Using Multibiomarkers Zoology & Entomology Department 2022
4 Diversity of seed-coat structure and thickness among six genera representing tribes Sophoreae, Crotalarieae, and Genisteae (Papilionoideae, Fabaceae) in Egypt Botany and Microbiology Department 2022
5 Utilization of coconut and jojoba wastes for lipases production by Aspergillus niger and applied it for biodiesel production Botany and Microbiology Department 2022
6 Monitoring Mass Variations in Iraq Using Time-Variable Gravity Data Department of Geology 2022
7 Seismic hazard assessment and its uncertainty for the central part of northern Algeria. Department of Geology 2022
8 Classical and Bayesian Inference under Burr-X Distribution Based on New Unified Progressive Hybrid Censoring Scheme with Engineering Applications Department of Mathematics 2022
9 Supplementing Pochonia chlamydosporia with botanicals for management of Meloidogyne incognita infesting chickpea Botany and Microbiology Department 2022
10 High tunability and sensitivity of 1D topological photonic crystal heterostructure Department of physics 2022