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# Title Department Research Year
1 Sequence stratigraphy and distribution of organic-rich Lower Cretaceous mixed clastic-carbonate strata in Matruh Basin, northwestern Egypt: Constrains on the Tethyan sea level changes, palaeoclimate, and tectonics Department of Geology 29 April 2021
2 Geochemical, mineralogical and sedimentological analyses of reworked sediments (new) in the syn- to post-rift Middle Cretaceous-Quaternary detrital deposits from western Atlantic margin of Cameroon: evidence from sedimentation-erosion alternation in the c Department of Geology 28 January 2021
3 Hydro-Geochemical Applications and Multivariate Analysis to Assess theWater–Rock Interaction in Arid Environments Department of Geology 2022
4 Gradual growth of ZnO nanoparticles from globules-like to nanorods-like shapes: Effect of annealing temperature Department of physics 2022
5 Numerical analysis on the impact of optical feedback and nonlinear gain on the dynamics and intensity noise of semiconductor laser Department of physics 2022
6 Classical and Bayesian Inference under Burr-X Distribution Based on New Unified Progressive Hybrid Censoring Scheme with Engineering Applications Department of Mathematics 2022
7 Integrated stratigraphy of the lower Eocene successions on the southern Tethys margin (Egypt): Emphases on the hyperthermal events Department of Geology 2022
8 Stress combination—when two negatives may become antagonistic, synergistic, or additive for plants: A review Botany and Microbiology Department 2022
9 Silver-Nanoparticle- and Silver-Nitrate-Induced Antioxidant Disbalance, Molecular Damage, and Histochemical Change on the Land Slug (Lehmannia nyctelia) Using Multibiomarkers Zoology & Entomology Department 2022
10 Fabrication of an electrochemical sensor based on gold nanoparticle-functionalized nanocarbon black hybrid nanocomposite for sensitive detection of anti-cancer drug formestane in biological and pharmaceutical samples Department of chemistry 2022